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Think you’ve got what it takes? We are always looking for dependable welders to join our team and keep producing quality HVAC products at MTI Manufacturing. Fill out the form below to apply today!

Available Positions


Responsible for welding and assembling custom curbs in a timely manner while maintaining MTI quality standards.

Essential Functions:

  • Read and analyze engineering drawings and design specifications to plan layout and assembly of finished units
  • Operate and maintain welder machine to make product to specifications
  • Assemble curb to specifications
  • Measure work piece and verify dimensions to specifications
  • Use work orders and job schedules to prioritize work
  • Keeping work space clean and organized
  • Maintaining good attendance

Performance Measures:

  •  Good Attendance
  •  Productivity
  •  Accuracy


  • Basic reading, writing, arithmetic skills required. This is typically acquired with a High School diploma or GED.
  • Ability to weld or tack metal parts together
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Layout, position brace and secure parts within the units
  • Examine units for defects and measure units to ensure conformance

Working Condition/Physical Demands:

  • Ability to stand or walk for extended amounts of time
  • Ability to frequently bend, twist, grip , squat and lift
  • Ability to lift 75 pounds occasionally

General Labor

Responsible to install insulation materials into curbs and crate final products.

Essential Functions:

  • Measure unit walls
  • Clean welds
  • Forklift operation
  • Measure units to determine critical dimensions and weights
  • Cut 2X4s to correct measurements
  • Constructing crate by utilizing pneumatic nail gun
  • Prepare units for shipping
  • Load trucks based on carrier
  • Other duties assigned

Performance measures:

  • Attendance
  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Number of quality issues

Required experience:

  • High School graduate/GED
  • Must be able to read a tape measure
  • Ability to accept responsibility
  • Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly and complete work in a timely manner

Working Conditions:

  • Ability to continuously stand or walk
  • Ability to frequently bend, twist, grip, squat and lift
  • Ability to lift 75 pounds occasionally

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